Boarding Services
Included in our full board we offer turnout, blanketing in the winter months, vet and farrier appointments, plus holding of the horses during their exam or shoeing.  Our stalls are picked five to six times a day so as to furnish the safest and cleanest environment we can.
Full Board Only:  $550.00 per month as of 3/01/10
The horses are provided with all the extras listed above plus the following:
Veterinary Services are provided by Countryside Equine Veterinary Service, Dr. Tom Wilson and Dr. Natasha Amari.
The farrier service is provided by Jeremy Miller, CF.
*Fly spray daily (provided by the owner)
*Bi-monthly de-worming (wormer provided by the owner).  We do a rotation worming of Zimectrin Gold, Strongid, and Safeguard.
*Wellness care for your horse (i.e. soaking of feet for abscesses or other hoof related problems, bandaging of legs, etc.)
The horses receive excellent care.  The farm offers 12x12 stalls, washracks, arena, tackrooms, office and wonderful turnout paddocks.  The horses are fed the highest quality feed and hay.  During the winter months horses are also given bran mashes to ensure they recieve the amount of liquid and fiber they need.
This page was last updated: March 19, 2010